Pomp – The concept of oversharing

The idea behind sharing your thoughts out in the public

Why you do something and what’s the driving force behind it? How you think about what you’re doing? All that stuff is really really important. And so a very long time ago. I just said to myself, I believe in open sourcing my thoughts. And to share and give as much information out there as possible is a better way to operate than to do the opposite – to not share anything.

And the reason was one, if you’re correct, people see you as you evolve your thought process. They understand and have more context around why you believe the things you believe and then if you’re wrong, you’re using the the power of the crowd to correct you. So, if I tweet something that is wrong. I know immediately that it’s wrong because I got all these people who respond to tell me that it is wrong.

So I think that this idea of being comfortable with failure in public was really empowering to me and it allowed me to kind of start just writing all the time and express myself. 

Pomp and Chris.jpgFrom the podcast with Christopher Vonheim and Pomp (Anthony Pompliano) in New York. 

The complete podcast with Pomp. 

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