Mads Faurholt – What Mads thinks about almost everything in life, and how he wants to build the future.

Mads Faurholt (Nova Founders) and Christopher Vonheim (BYNN)

Mads Faurholt is the Managing Partner and Founder of Nova Founders Capital in London. Mads has during his short career started over 30 companies globally in markets such as Hong Kong, Portugal, Philippines, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, Thailand and Denmark.

Before founding Nova, Mads worked as a Global Partner and Managing Director at Rocket Internet and Managing Director at Groupon in Asia. Mads holds an MBA from MIT and a BSc in Business from Copenhagen Business School – that he finished in only 1 year and 9 months.

Mads Faurholt interview is also available on youtubeapple podcast, and soundcloud.

Mads has also been named one of Europe’s leading internet entrepreneurs, and is an Expert Advisor on Web Entrepreneurship to the EU Commission.

In this episode Christopher Vonheim and Mads Faurholt discuss:

  • How to expand your comfort-zone, and the difference between risk and uncertainty.
  • How to build a top 1% career in life.
  • What Mads learned from managing Groupon and 3000 employees in Asia.
  • The key idea behind starting Nova Founders, and how he felt leaving Rocket Internet after all their success together.
  • What the key principles are behind Nova investments, and how they have evolved over the years.
  • How Mads evaluates companies, and build a culture around execution and hard work.
  • What Mads has learned from Stefan Bruun, Rasmus Ankersen, Oliver Samwer, and his parents.
  • How he discover talents and do recruiting.
  • The concept “insecure over-achiever”, and why that has helped him succeed.
  • How to become a world-class thinker, and why you need to ask the right questions.
  • How fatherhood has changed him, in private and at work.
  • Why you need to be comfortable about pissing people off, in order to have a impact in the world.

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